Local Cloud

Carbon Sensitive Provisioning

Carbon Sensitive Provisioning allows Smile to only use technology that is required to fulfil our client’s needs ensuring the most efficient way of working is established. This reduces carbon emissions and helps the environment by reducing the needs of the individual company.

“Transforming our servers from mechanical drives into static silicon-based power efficient cutting-edge technology. Enabling a minimum 66% reduction in power usage and removing inefficient client-based servers and cooling technologies.”

Helping reduce our power usage to a minimum. Assisting with ISO:14001/27001

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What is Local Cloud?

Local Cloud fits directly into a niche for High Performance, benefitting SME clients with fast and secure data transfer. Local Cloud consists of a network of the latest technology servers, data arrays and fibre infrastructure. This allows flexible and dynamic server configuration’s providing high performance stability and security for our clients. Local Cloud offers the flexibility to allow clients to develop their individual server environment and be able to control and manage all aspects of data storage, with the safe knowledge that you have the support of in-house data specialists on hand.